Mojo Kai

Marissa (also known as Mo, last name Jotie) has 2 daughters, KaiLa and Leilani. She dedicates her passion for makeup, hair dos, creativity and business ventures to her loves. As it's as special as they are, and will always commit to her work and clients as they are her VIP.  
She had an interest for make-up at a very young age, facinated with all the eclectic colors make-up and nail polish can be. True story, when Marissa was in grade 6, she got in trouble at her Catholic elementary school for wearing eyeliner like it was a sin. smh, oh well, #respecttho 

​​Moving forward to the 21st century where hoover boards supposedly exsits (from Back to the Future). Yes, she has an odd sense of humor- nerdy, kind of, and nonchelant. She has gone to LA for fashion and dance and came back home to live with her ailing mother.  Since then, she pursued her real passion and got her diploma with honors in Professional Make Up Arts in​​​​ Fasion and Film, and was nominated for a Leo Award in Best Makeup in a short film, Working with amazing film crew, directors, actors, makeup department heads/keys, photographers and wedding belles, she is very experienced and always learning.  Mo living her dream as a professional makeup and hair artist in union with I.a.t.s.e. Since graduating, she was the first runner up at her graduation's "Black and White" makeup contest with judges from Holt Renfrew, she is a Leo Award Nominee, a (reserve) permitee with I.a.t.s.e and a mobile Wedding Makeup and hair stylist. Leave it up to Mojo Kai M.u.a.H to up-do, do-you up in makeup for  your special day or event!

​Marissa is always current in trends and continuing her learning through M.A.C and other prestige makeup and hair lines such as Sexy Hair and through courses and seminars.  As mentioned before, she also 
                                                                               ​obtains a Hair Styling Certificate!
                                                          It is always a pleasure to help you create the best of you!

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