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Summer 2018
I really enjoyed my summer. It's been a long time since I've spent an entire summer not working. Probably since high school. I really enjoyed spending time with my kids too. But I was really hoping that I would be working lots with I.a.t.s.e. in the film industry. That's not the case.
So far, I have taken on some amazing gigs as follows:
1) A short slasher/horror film - I did the special effects
2) A pilot for a culinary/art TV series called "Culinary Art". with Costa Vassos, Imagination Park and Zee TV. I've had the pleasure meeting everyone in the crew and working with hosts Vikram Vij and Take.
3) A commercial shoot with again Costa Vassos of Imagination Park for Sands and Associates. I love meeting people.
4) A Music Video with Ridley Productions for a very talented local artist Meme, new music "Break Your Heart". Stay tuned to watch the Video!


Thus far.....
I think I've become a quote unquote starving artist and I'm down to my last penny. Actually I have many pennies I've kept. But you know what I mean, like literally. I like to see it as a fresh start? A new beginning? Am I being too optimistic? I'm striving to change that moto and be a filthy rich s*n *f a b!tc# (excuse my french). For me at least. Now THAT would make me self made. Now, since my shift in career change I have done quite a bit, artistically. My first project is one I've been wanting to do for maybe a year now. THIS is my chance to do it. I've come in contact with an Italian lady from Milan. She has shoulder blade length, light brown hair.
I wanted her to have big hair with long tight curls. So I used my Nume curling wand with the smallest barrel and curled her hair with small and tight curls. I've added my light brown and blonde extensions all around and curled those too. Combed it out and back combed. You can see my self made photoshoot with Giulia on my Portfolio tab under Projects and soon on Insta Marissa_M.u.a.H_. (I'm not a pro photographer) but I try with what I know. Enjoy!

This year 2018, I have taken a year off leave of absence from my Corporate "9-5" job. I am so greatful to work with a wonderful company. NOW, I can pursue my makeup career full tilt, full time! I am excited to share my journey with you. But bare with me as I make new adjustments to my new life. There will be ups and downs. Hopefully more ups and more ups than downs. Right now its been slow in the film world for the makeup department here in Vancouver. So, I have time to make do's and make ups!! I will be posting my art mostly on my Instagram @marissa_m.u.a.h_ and on my Youtube channel, that's IF I ever get it going, so stick around and subscribe to Marissa mua Vancouver on Youtube. Check ya out later! xo~Mo

Why spend more money than you have to. Find beauty products right in your kitchen! Here's a list of ESSENTIAL OILS and what it can do:

1) VIRGIN COCONUT OIL - the do-it-all ingredient can moisturize skin, cuticules and fights frizzy hair just to name a few. Beauty: You can also use it as a highlighter on your face, dab some above your cheekbones, cupids bow and above your brow for that glowy fresh skin.

2) WALNUT OIL- rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Helps boost brain power, good for heart and balancing mood. Beauty: Skin Moisturizing. You can use it on your face overnight. It's lighter consistency than Coconut Oil.

3) ORGANIC CAMELINA OIL: 1 tablespoon of this equals the daily amount we need for Vitamin E. Also rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Beauty: Use as a Hot Oil Treatment for your hair. After clean damp hair, warm the oil up and apply to hair, wrap a towel around for 20 minutes then wash it out. Add peppermint oil to help of re-growth hair.

4) UNREFINED AVOCADO OIL- has a lot of same antioxidants as Olive Oil high in Sterolins. Beauty: Reduces Age Spots, helps heal sun damage and scars. Ideal for mature skin, easy absorption, increases the amount of collagen.

There you have it!! ‪#‎naturalbeauty‬


Hair Fragrance
Scented tresses is a definite turn-on. Here's a list of the best scents from most to least expensive. On the plus side, they all have beneficial factors for your hair's luscious touch from essential vitamins and oils, to shine and anit-static.

1. SHOW decadence hair fragrance $105 (Avail. in USA)
2. ORIBE cate d'Azur eau $93 (Avial. in USA)
3. CHANEL chance hair mist $46 (Avail. at Murale)
4. FEKKAI hair fragrance mist $28 (Avail. at Murale)

Spritz over dry hair.

Kimye's Wedding Hairstyle
So the wedding of the year is tomorrow in Paireeeee for Kim and Kanye's wedding. Having that in mind, I've designed a Wedding up-do for the gorgeous bride herself, Kim. I can't post a photo on this blog but it's on my facebook page: Mojo Kai Makeup and Hair and on my Instagram: MoJotie. I'll be posting a picture on my site too...soon.... as with more photos of my work in the last year or so. Happy Friday!!


Miss World Canada 2014 / NuMe Products discount codes
I had the priviledge to be the makeup and hair stylist for Miss World Canada 2014 contestant, Mary-Agnes Connolly, for the Crowing Gala. She was given a professional curling set from NuMe. I am obsessed with the tools. Check out thier website Mary-Agnes was so nice to share her coupon codes: maryagnesmwc. Use this code to get a classic or magic wand for $49! Use: macmissworldcanada and get $130 off any styling set. Happy Shopping!


Heatwave makeup
I just came back from Cuba and ohhhh so amazing! We got the utmost Royal Treatment from the moment we walked into The Royalton Resort. That was my first luxury all inclusive. Anyway, to save your makeup in tropical humid weather, all you need is a primer with sunscreen, your foundation, waterproof eyebrow gel, false lashes,waterproof glue ( I used Ardelle's semi perminant glue), cream shadows and blush, lip color and finishing spray. Voila. Sweat and swim in that, and you'll keep looking and feeling beautiful all day long

EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
Very Interesing find. If you ever wonder how Eco-friendly or toxic your beauty products are go to the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database at (the higher the rating, the more toxic and likely to cause allergic reactions, irritation and disrupt reproductive and endocrine function- eek


New Additions
I've purchased some fabulous items by Pupa Milano. I'm excited to use them especially when spring/summer is here. Into my kit they go:

Vamp Mascara in black

Multiplay Eyeliner in black
Triple purpose: line,smudge & waterproof

Ultra Shine Eyeliner - 50's Dream Collection in Intense Green

Diamond Eyeliner in 03 - Limited Edition

And for moi, i got the PupaLash Mascara Energizer
with treatment for longer lashes in 30 days. (We'll see in 30 days!)

Ciao for now


Spring 2013 - BOLD Lip colors
Firstly, I apologize for not blogging for a long while. i'm not the best computer savy person but I'm doing my best. Everything, I've created on this site and on material, is all done by me. Please bare with me :) i'm going to try to make it a habit to update my blog as much as I can. Here goes....

This Spring 2013, the bold lip colors are on trend. Yay! because i luv bold lipsticks. Some of the colors are: Bright red, Coral/Peach, and Pinks.. some of these- neon. Check out the following brands: Mac Mineralize Rich lipstick, Joe Fresh, Jacob and Tom Ford. Remember the best look is to have a neutral eye. But rules are made to be broken- if you dare ;)


Welcome to MoJo Kai M.u.a.H
This is my very first blog post - Ever! i'm excited to share with you interesting stuff about makeup and hair. Stay tuned!

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